Windows 11 ISO LINK

Microsoft Windows 11 ISO got leaked on a Chinese forum and it was easy to like find the forum so I’ll be giving providing the iso link 4.54 GB file on MEGA please remember it’s in beta so install on a VM or on a pc you don’t use! It will probably only work on UEFI. If you have any questions feel free to ask

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here some other proof

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Well it’s pretty and all, the animations are solid and polished. The new wallpapers and sounds are nice.

But I really hope they fix the taskbar, literally all the features have been removed. The context menu contains nothing but “Taskbar Settings” (of which there are few), and you can’t even start the Task Manager anymore. You also can’t resize it, move it, cascade the windows, use deskbands, use last active click, et al.


hi! im sagadali. you upgrade windows 11 nice! you will no longer uses windows 7 it will end of support! and also can you contact me on windows live messenger? i have a Email. my email is please contact me. Regards

Yea, I’ve noticed same issues. I’ll wait 'til Windows 11 is not released officially as Insider version then I’ll make another try.