Windows 11 Insider Preview is now avilable on Windows Update


Today evening, we got a big news: They announced the Windows 11 officially as Insider Preview. So now everyone can download and install it via Windows Update tool.

You have to log in to Windows Insider Program in Settings, and set your channel To Beta. After a PC restart, now you can download, if you interested in.

Details and source: Announcing the first Insider Preview for Windows 11 | Windows Insider Blog


The main interesting thing is, the PC Health Check Tool says my PC is not compatible with Windows 11, meanwhile the Windows Update downloads it and installs it :thinking: .


thank you @Balazs_V my brother :stuck_out_tongue:

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You must use Beta channel

My old Thinkpad (X200 Tablet) tried to install it, but it failed because it doesn’t have Secure Boot or UEFI. My PC and my Surface had no problem though.

But hey, search is back in file types at last!


damnit that option is gone for me
i can only use rpc (Release Preview Channel)
where do you see the beta channel?

Probably your Windows build is outdated, that’s why you can’t upgrade. (It’s just a tip). Sadly, I didn’t find any .iso file of windows 11 build, so my advice is update your WIndows to latest build (21H1), after that register to Windows Insider Program and get WIndows 11 in Beta channel.

but then you realize

how bout that baby?

do the workaround which is posted on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

wait WHAT? that’s illegal

From what i’ve heard, it looks like you will be able to get the insider previews of Windows 11, as long your computer is compatible with the Insider Preview program, but it will ask you to clean install Windows 10 once it is out for everyone iirc. There was a link from MSFT themselves saying about that, but i can’t seem to find it…

Here’s an ISO for those who don’t want to enroll into the Insider Program or just can’t get the build.

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incompatible video drivers, doesn’t work on windows 11

this puts an end to any old hardware…

no, the gtx 1060 drivers don’t work