Windows 10xp (windows 10 xp)

after 2 years since my last post here,i’m back for announcing my latest discovery.
Windows 10 With Complete Windows Xp Experience.
it’s a version of windows 10 (LTSC2019) with custom windows xp interfaces and redesigning of all explorer.
it’s so cool,you can change the luna theme or install others themes from the website.
it’s fascinating and it’s the best thing if you want xp but want to run all modern programs.
it has all xp programs loaded in,wmp10,msn 4,outlook express etc…
give it a try and add me on msn
untitled.bmp (18.5 MB)

I’ve known about this for a while and while it does look very convincing there are lots of stuff that aren’t completely developed and some bugs too.
Idk if development for it it’s still going but it’s still very interesting.

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I can’t even access the website, lmao.

their official site is on afaik
just look for Windows eXPerience in there