Windows 10 has suddenly deactivated itself and won't reactivate

I need a little help. My install of Windows 10 has suddenly deactivated itself yesterday. It’s the one with the Windows Vista theme installed (And before you say, no, it’s not because of the theme, I have been theming Windows for years and never had an activation issue.)

Attempting to run the troubleshooter makes this appear. This is a genuine copy of Windows. I have the correct release installed (Home) and my windows 10 home key comes with the UEFI bios. It should be no reason for this to happen. May I have some help? I know it’s to do with this install as my alternative Windows install is still fully activated.

I think any virus or something. Reinstall Windows or use KMS tools. install a key and then activate.
Then scan your PC with ESET NOD32 or Kaspersky for any virus removes the key.

I just released an tool that solves your problem. If doesn’t, I made this tool for nothing.
CMDAct++.exe (85.5 KB)

cmdact++ has proven miner

if you really want clean cracked windows (not recommended) use mas

what id recommend is getting cheap keys from bitnet (trusted seller ive known for many years), windows 10 pro is litterally 2 dollars there

if u have a legit key, contact microsoft and see if they can reset the activation limit if u upgraded hardware

The thing that’s confused me the most that this key is only avaliable to this specific laptop, and it’s not upgradable. So i don’t think it’s that

oh god, dont even come to reccomend this, it already has been detected as virus by many people (specially KMSpico), so dont bother.

It uses slmgr script using wscript.exe. Not a miner.

Sorry about that.