Win 2000 SP4

i have Windows 2000 PRO in my old computer from 2004 with AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 1gb ddr1 , 80gb ide maxtor

why not install xp ? because i try xp sp3 but so slow …but with 2000 is good fast.

1-What best MSN version working for Win2000?
2- What best antivirus free for Windows 2000?

Not want install kernel ex because i not want modify my windows.

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MSN 3.6 and with something kernelx? idk 4.7 or i’m wrong

4.6 is the last version that will log in reliably

i’m pretty sure the last one you can install is 7.5 though

@FS_Virtual_Pilot Not want install kernelx (use system original with last update)

@Jarhead_Gamer38 last is working wihout bug is 7.5?

no the last version that works without bugs is 4.6

the last version possible to install is 7.5 and that doesn’t sign in

4.6 is available in site escargot in patched?

no but you can run a .reg file to get it working

you know old version antivirus is working update definition for win2000 ? avast is not work

MSN Messenger 4.6 download link

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I think it was 7.0

  1. 5.0 with the extended kernel, altough later versions might login too since the latest release 3.0e added TLS 1.1/1.2 support to IE6/Schannel.dll