Will we ever get a good old MySpaceIM revival?

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  • No

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just use https://spacehey.com/

For those who are wondering, MySpaceIM was a instant messaging service that was powered by Skype made by MySpace

So you’re telling us, that myspaceim is… skype but for myspace

Yes, here’s a MySpaceIM screenshot

So guess what? you need to wait for new msnp versions to come

oh ok

i dont think that myspaceim is based on msnp


MySpaceIM was its own protocol. The Skype “powered” part was their solution to adding voice call functionality by federating MySpaceIM with Skype (like Messenger and Yahoo, AIM and ICQ, et al.) by adding the Skype voice library to their application. A pretty smart move in retrospect, it’s a shame it didn’t pay off.


I just made a post my revival project, go check it out in the Technology category

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