Will be WLM 2011 compatible with XP?


As we know, Windows Live Messenger in its version from 2011, fails to open within Windows XP. I’d like to ask why does this happen and if we can fix it to work, since we’re modifying the program to work… that’s the point of Escargot :stuck_out_tongue:


because Windows Live 2011 is for Vista, the version you are looking for is 2009, the best version.


I know that WLM 2011 is for Vista. What I’m asking is if it would be possible to port it to work on Windows XP


I experimented with this years ago, and the first big technical challenge I recall is that WLM 2011/2012 has a dependency on Direct2D, which is not available for XP.

However, whether or not this could be patched out and still having a working product I’m not sure, as when I attempted to do so, there were another slew of additional Windows APIs being called that don’t exist in XP either. That is where I gave up.

So I would say no in practical terms as it would require quite a lot of work with limited chances of success.


There is a project that can make this possible one day, but I think they will give up the project. It is already possible to run a few incompatible applications and Windows 7 drivers in XP. It’s a beta so it would not be cool to try it or you’ll have serious issues.

The WLM2011/2012 has always been a curiosity to see it running on WXP.