Will a Skype server ever become a thing?

If not, please tell me how to make 6 or early 7 work again.


6 and 7 use msnp24, so i guess it could be suppoted on escargot sometime soon? and the servers for those versions are long gone, so they wont work on microsoft servers

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or atleast blocking their protocols

Versions of Skype before 6 use P2P but not sure about late versions of Skype 5

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At this point everything up to Skype 7.x has stopped working (I’ve pinged the Skype 6/MSNP24 servers and they don’t accept connections anymore), so there’s no way to convince the clients to use official servers. As for Escargot supporting the protocols, we’ll consider it and we’ll possibly do more than the MSNP24 clients. Microsoft got the P2P Skype clients to work in a centralized environment with their own supernodes, so why not Escargot? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds exciting, hope this happens in the future.

Searching around I found some interesting documentation of Skype’s MSNP24 protocol

And P2P


true, plz make that become true

Will the early versions of Skype be supported?

That’s pretty much what I meant by the P2P versions… and if possible.


Hadn’t you said in the past the it would be hard for the escargot server to support intertwined p2p messaging?

Yes, but that depends on how the P2P protocol is structured and if it contains enough data to proxy it from Escargot servers. In this case, while I haven’t seen the data for this, Microsoft was able to make their own supernodes for Skype in place of the P2P ones, so it might be possible to do Skype’s P2P protocol in a centralized environment. As for a protocol like early ICQ’s (before 2000a), isn’t possible because not enough identifiable data is sent to work with to set up proper chat sessions on the server side.


just to understand, you guys want to make skype contacts and messages work via MSN? for example I add someone that uses skype and I can talk via msn escargot server and the person will receive that on his skype?

Not exactly. It’s just for support of older Skype versions period. If or when Escargot does support it however, it’ll already be able to talk with contacts on MSN (and other supported frontends) since Escargot is going to become its own thing soon, where it’ll host a bunch of protocols and allow them to talk to each other.