WildTangent Games

Who else remembers WildTangent? I love playing Polar Bowler, and all the games in WildTangent (like Fate)


I do, it came as bloatware on my PC.

remember otto and the magical blocks? it was downloadable on windows xp media center

I remember WildTanget ORB on my Toshiba Satellite laptop, truly nostalgia

Do you have a picture of wildcoin jordan?

I have the screenshot with the WildCoin (sorry if it is in Spanish)

i think i played plants vs zombies there once
also i lieked polar bowler
it came on an hp w windowz 7

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oh btw its low quaity as well but i’ll use that anyway

It came with my old HP computer.

Yep its bloatware

Oh my, my wildcoin ;-;Wildcoin