Wii Shop is Closing


-Nintendo (March 26, 2018)



check it out by yourself.


We can start a Wii shop revival then :stuck_out_tongue:


first DSi shop , and now Wii Shop …


Nintendo in a nutshell. :stuck_out_tongue:


We don’t need to; we have homebrewing :wink:


i would go with a wii shop revival :stuck_out_tongue:


not the wii shop channel but it’s something
i regret selling my launch wii


you don’t need the Wii Shop Channel, all you need is:

  • The Homebrew Channel
  • Wii Multi Mod Manager
  • some obscure google drive folder full of wii titles in WAD format




what about a channel that mimics the Wii Shop Channel and it downloads WAD’s from somewhere (ftp)?

insert Nintendo of America lawsuit here


if it happens, it’s free software only.

paid content (i.e. 95% of WiiWare and virtual console titles) can’t be accessed from a channel like so because reasons.


i think it should be a thing where you can download all sorts of mods such as: Everybody Votes Channel patched for RiiConnect24, forecast and news channel patchers, HomeBrew Channel, Wii Mail patcher, and Wiimmfi patcher


you can just download them from WiiBrew


i know but you need an sd card and computer


yeah and you also need it for LetterBomb so you would have one anyway if you have homebrew unless you FlashHax’d