Wierd glitch with LG ULTRAWIDE moniter

so I bought this LG monitor last week and it is “fine” but it has a weird glitch that Windows only lets me go up to 49hrz when the monitor supports 100hrz is there a fix

Try updating your display drivers

i did the intel UHD graphics are on the newest version

While it may support the resolution, it may not be compatible with having that resolution, along with a higher refresh rate. To make sure, either check the Intel Graphics Control Panel, or:

  1. Go to the advanced display settings, and press “Display adapter properties for Display X” (the “X” should be a number, if you have 1 monitor connected it should say 1. I know you’re using Windows 11, so the layout may be slightly different. You need to look for this window.

  2. Press “List All Modes”

  3. Look to see if there is an option which matches your max refresh rate and resolution. If not, it’s what i expected (Mentioned at the start). If that’s the case, Scroll until you can find a downscaled resolution that allows for the higher refresh rate, otherwise, you may have to deal with the low refresh rate.

Also, where was this monitor purchased, and was it refurbished?

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I don’t think it’s been asked yet, but what plug/interface are you using to attach the monitor?

We’d need to know more specs of the rest of the hardware to be sure, but I would suspect that you might be using HDMI 1.x, and you will probably need to use DisplayPort to get higher a res/refresh.

Some references I found:

I’m using hdmi

It was not refurbished and I bought it new last week

did my instructions do anything?
And where was it bought from

Best Buy and I’m not at my off I’ll do it when I get there

Plug out HDMI cable and plug back if you did not try this method yet :stuck_out_tongue: No joke, sometimes my monitor only shows max 60 Hz until if I not replug the cable :stuck_out_tongue:

Also you should check your HDMI/DP port version. For instance my super 2017 HP laptop can’t manage 144 Hz on my ultrawide monitor only just 45-50 Hz but my main computer or Mac does. This because HDMI/DP version. The cable also has version number.

thanks when i checked it said 1440p 50 hertz so I’m pretty sure the igpu only goes that far

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