Why the new Skype client is crap?

I mean, i use Skype for business stuff and now it looks like fucking snapchat and takes 4 GB of ram and 50% of CPU resources for some reason, now i can’t make a conference call if someone isn’t on my contacts list
, the dialpad thing sucks, how this piece of crap passed quality assurance? (wait, they fired them and replaced them with users)

i really miss the old skype from before microsoft screwed it up on '11


just download skype 7 and be happy

Skype on my PC fails to even connect anymore. I’m glad that all of my friends moved away from it. It used to drop calls halfway through and disconnect me from the Internet for five minutes, and it would lag so badly. That was before they tried to make it look like every other mobile messaging app.

Jeez! I guess I was lucky when Skype simply crashed on me.

At least the classic Yahoo! Messenger was stable enough to use the core features with.

I still have to use it (android version, tho) because my friend refuses to install Discord… and call quality is crap even if all of us have good internet

discord has 100000 times better audio quality and compression than skype, even through im forced to use it because we have skype for business and that crap