Why the Escargot server has random malfunction periods from time to time

With expressed permission from @valtron, I decided it’s time to tell you guys why Escargot tends to malfunction and ultimately boot everyone off randomly from time to time.

Actually, it’s two simple reasons:

1 (The most common reason as of now): Some unknown force is DDOSing @valtron’s servers that host the Escargot services at very high levels, according to what he’s told me over an email convo. Because of this, new connections can’t be made due to the ridiculously high network load, and existing connections are still online. Then @valtron has no other choice but to shut down and restart the server, technically booting everyone off.

2 (Not as common anymore, but still possible): The server is just acting up, and @valtron has to kick it back into shape to get it working again.

There’s your explanation to these weird Escargot malfunctions.

(Maybe I should put this into some sort of Escargot FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:)


Who in the world wants to DDOS this server? maybe some Microsoft hacker is doing this? (Ok im getting very conspiranoik)

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Most likely some random grey hat with no life. :stuck_out_tongue:

You definitely should put this into some sort of Escargot FAQ.