Why people hated clippy?


Actually i like him yeah i like hated stuff like Windows me


clippy cool


You like him? :stuck_out_tongue:


he cute


people hate it because he keeps making questions , and this is anoyying


It says dont show this tip again lol i liked when he asked me. :slight_smile: he was a virtual friend :smile:




Fun fact: I’m outlining this year’s MessengerGeek Retrospective, which is almost finished, in Word 2003, part of the products of the last version of Office that had the Office Assistant, and Clippy barely asked me any questions during the meat of the outlining session. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I can see where people come from when they say that Clippy is a waste of time. They’d rather type up their documents in a beige cubicle with nothing else but the clickety-clacking of other keyboards in their corporate office. :stuck_out_tongue:


Remeber this? I liked him too :slight_smile:


now iam having a nostalgia attack , I LOVED THAT DOG


Same here man !!!




but in office 97 this is another story


He looks … creepy


In office ,97 clippy is old ?


idk , he is probaly newer


He is 20 yrs old




Nonono its creepy



This dog is just awesome.