Why not profit from escargot?


Why doesn’t @Valtron put ads on Messenger? I think he could if he wanted.
So why not? After all, he’s wasting his time and money to program and host escargot

there’s the placeholder for ads right there


Since CatMessenger removes that ad bar, if it does have ads in the future, the next version will bring it back. :slight_smile:


You’re forgetting one important thing - valtron did not make Messenger. By making money from Microsoft’s work, he’ll be in the direct sights of a team of Microsoft corporate lawyers who will have no qualms in bringing an end to this project as it stands right now.


the only thing that ad slot would be used for is feature/service ads anyway, here, go make your own ad.(xd deleted)


i feel like i’m gonna regret that i posted the ad border


why ?



I think some “ads” for new features/frontends on Escargot would be suitable to fill the ad bar.

And I put ads in air quotes because we don’t really want @valtron to make money off of them. As @TReKiE stated:



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questionable… but i guess it’s ok


sbrw is a nfsw revival thing, so i decided to make a ad on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


yea no more ads for u




how to put custom advertisment for wlm?


why did you deleted it? anyways:

I use Resource Hacker. You have to go into the Messenger folder, find the DLL “msgres” and open it with RH. There, select the directory “4000” and go to “1472 : 1033”. Now right click and select “Replace resource” and swap.