Why not create a patreon to support escargot?

We can make a donation for the escargot not to end.


Yes maybe can somebody donate

Nobody wants to go to skype, please @valtron think about this :frowning:

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Yes i we don’t go to skype @valtron

Is this about what I posted about Escargot having at least two months for its HTTPS services to live?

If so, then no, not necessary.

First, it seems that @valtron is paying fees out of pocket, so he must at least have some sort of high-paying job that lets him keep Escargot for as long as he wants.

Second, it’s only the HTTPS services that will potentially die off within two months. MSNP versions that authenticate via Tweener or RST (mainly 5.0-8.5 and 4.7) are affected by the shutdown if it does happen. Any versions before then can authenticate with MD5, the de facto for those versions, since it doesn’t rely on any HTTP-whatever services whatsoever to authenticate. All you need to worry about by then is if you’re account supports those old authentication methods or if you have a separate account that has said option enabled.

Hopefully, this should lessen the fear-mongering a bit and reassure everyone. :slight_smile:

You scared everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I never intended to scare anyone. I just wanted people to be aware of what will potentially happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

But not even regarding that, this is a service you guys pay to the community. I would gladly donate to support your work, and I’m pretty sure many more think like me. In your place, I’d consider it.

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I and @valtron wouldn’t really mind that much about a Patreon to get some extras funds. In fact, maybe we could do something special with that money. IDK what we could do with it specifically, but I’m pretty sure time can tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

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After talking to @valtron about it, he’ll only agree to opening up a Patreon if things get dire. He’s doing pretty good with what he has right now. :stuck_out_tongue: