Why Microsoft removed windowsmarketplace.com


microsoft like to kill old things


windows xp ( also windows vista ) and older MS os´s , the entire windows live familly , windows 8 version of skype and more

Dead since 2011

sad , that aero desing looks cool ( but the msn desing is better )

iam surprise that MSN is still alive !

Yeah because it’s populAr than AOL

true :stuck_out_tongue:

but the new desing of msn is just … boring

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True i like the design and the logo from 2003

same here

maybe stylish can do something :stuck_out_tongue:


You have messenger reviver?

yes , its the comemoration edition

:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

For some reason Microsoft hates Windows Live Apps :S…Who knows why

On November 14, 2008, Microsoft announced their intention to discontinue the Digital Locker in 2009. The company phased-out Windows Marketplace, and replaced it with the Microsoft Store.

At the Build conference on September 13, 2011, Microsoft announced Windows Store, a new software distribution platform for Windows 8, WinRT, and subsequent Windows versions. The Windows Store was accessible via WinRT client or web browser.