Why Microsoft forget pages from their website? xD


This: https://membercenter.msn.com/signin.aspx?ru=%2Fdefault.aspx

Or the Microsoft’s typography that wasn’t changed until 2018

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I think they are just like meh no one will notice them :stuck_out_tongue:

You can even install the software, wow.

what software? :eyes:

MSN Explorer

Uhh plz gimme the link :slight_smile:

Oh… Found it :wink:

Lol this looks bizarre. It has that mid 2000’s CGI and skeuomorphism, yet it actually uses the current MSN logo and even says “© 2018 Microsoft Corporation.” in the footer.

And they still has an option to order a cd to msn explorer.WHAT THIS IS 2018 MICROSOFT!

if im not mistaken you can set it to automaticlly change
most sites use that

Uhhh Send me the link plz

I have tried using the Get a Cd option and it said something like this service is no longer available. I guess they removed it a while ago, and just didn’t remove the hyperlink and stuff to that buying page for the cd.

But… why they still host these pages?

well, for this version of MSN, i’m pretty sure it’s for certain places where it’s either the only option (rural areas, without DSL so their only option is dial-up) or it’s a cheaper option for people in areas where it seems reasonable. Also, i’m pretty sure it’s still quite connect to the MSN website/service, and outlook, so they’d have to possibly recode a lot of it and it’d take a while(kinda like how google is shutting down Google+ and it messed up youtube, cause they made it a part of youtube itself and it caused youtube to go offline for an hour or two. So it could be like that, but idk. correct me if i’m wrong).

<script type="text/javascript">
  document.write(new Date().getFullYear());

have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


updates the year automatically
example: click here