Why is messengergeek so slow

Whenever I come to messengergeek it loads “quick” but the actual page appears after 9-10 seconds making the load time be over 12 seconds.

There aren’t any known technical issues on the server-side right now.

Has it always been this way? Do you have any other devices you could try to see if you get the same results? Or maybe try a different connection, like a cellular network over a local home connection?

Messengergeek is the site that works the slowest.Maybe because I am too far from the server?

Well, where are you from? I’m from brazil and MG load quickily

The MG server is in the US but I did some ping tests against your last IP addresses from the server, and got no higher than ~130ms, which should be more than usable.

As another test to try, you might consider downloading another browser and trying MG there.

Another thing you could test is using one of the free VPN apps, which would route your traffic from elsewhere, to see if that’s the issue. As it’s my understanding that at least some ISPs in your country use CGN (ie. they mass-share public IP addresses), that would bypass any problem with that setup.

Using akta Romanian ISP.And I also tried with Yandex browser.When did u ping my IP?Maybe I was offline and my IP has been assigned to someone else.Or who knows

Most free vpn apps I tried made my net even slower

It loads quickly here