Why escargot doesnt revived the video call function jet?

I know right now escargo is focusing on wlm 2009 and yahoo, but idk why
but videocall function doesnt work jet.
but i found something really weird.
when you log in with a nother account and you click fast on the call button, then it rings and you can call to the other computer, but its only working on local WLAN.

i dont know sry

It’s basically it has a diffrent protocol.


well it’s finished and will be released soon.


That’s fucking normal.

Srry :frowning:
IDK About it.

ok for me and my friend only the wecam it’s working and we didn’t modified port fordward or anything but the calls failed becouse it’s a different protocol :confused:

for me too

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i dont have a upnp router so its R.I.P

msn 4/5 webcam+microphone works xD even with wifi

yeah but the newers why doesnt work? It uses another protocol?

btw #PLEASESEEMYNEWSKINUPADTE! WLM 2011 Skin for Mercury Messenger :)

i think cause they use a modern protocol.