Why does this not work?

this shit not starting

christ that’s worse than some yahoo code conflicting with my build

What specific build of Python 3 do you have installed on your machine? You can find out by running either python or python3 in the terminal.


Specifically, what part of the Yahoo! frontend is causing trouble? :slight_smile:

add_user.py tbh

Well, you have a version of Python that supports the enum library, so that’s been confirmed. :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading some of the documentation for enum, it seems that it isn’t referenced in Escargot’s codebase correctly. It should be imported as enum.IntEnum.

Also, I can’t stress this enough. Go checkout the code in the dev branch for the latest code and fixes. :slight_smile:


It seems pretty clear that your version of Python doesn’t support typechecking. You’ll have to upgrade to at least 3.6 and above for Escargot to function normally.


ok, it’s on a debian-based system, yeah so?

It seems that you have to explicitly run python3.6 to use Python 3.6. On the latest version of Ubuntu, this should be installed by default. Else you’ll have to update the apt-get database and then install python3.6.

yeap, ubuntu


doesn’t like… escargot not work on anything that isnt a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or higher

I did say to update the apt database first.

Do you even know what version of Ubuntu you use? Assuming it’s the latest version (18.04 ATM), just go on and run python3.6 as normal. :stuck_out_tongue:

@veselcraft just told you he’s using Ubuntu.

yes i know, but… doesn’t one of the dep’s for escargot need x64 VS 2015~

The HLL implementation Escargot uses is in C, yes, but I’m pretty sure any compiler can compile it.

i have version 16.04.2 lts, not last