Why can't MR2 be made connect with escargot?

Messenger Reviver 2 was the tool that TReKiE used for the official MSNP servers over at microsoft…
So why can’t you designate MR2 with Escargot since you guys officially posted that MSNP18 was finally supported over to this server?
Can i guess?
Reworking the entire authenticating system?
Just my guess

all MR2 really did was remove the install skype popup by modifying some bytes of data.

That was before Microsoft started dismantling the Messenger infrastructure more and forced TReKiE to host his own (proxy) server in place of the original one and also get to the point of him having to utilize system hacks just to get WLM working.

Anyway MSNP18 support is done, but it’s not rolled out yet, meaning it’s not ready for public use. There’s a bunch of stuff that has to go down before that happens. And Messenger Reviver 2 only focused on making Messenger work with official servers. Since Escargot isn’t following the same nonsense Microsoft tried to pull after Messenger “died” patches for it are completely different. Regardless you’ll have to wait for when Escargot officially announces WLM 2009 as fully supported.