Why can't i send messages on MSN?

:frowning: quite upset.

I’ve tried 8.5, 8.1 and even 7.5 version and whenever i try to message a contact, it either randomly opens up internet explorer or it shuts the app down entirely. What is the issue?? Can i not use msn?

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Based on the description of the issue, it sounds like you are trying to send messages to contacts who are not online or otherwise are only appearing as e-mail contacts.

With the current versions of Escargot, you can only communicate to people who are actually online (in green).

I don’t get this when sending to an offline contact. It just replies that I can’t send a message to an offline contact and to try again later.

The OP’s client is not trying to send an offline message, but instead is trying to send an e-mail. The default option you get will depend on what version you’re using and the state of your contact list.

You can duplicate the issue I’m referencing by right-clicking on a contact, going to Send other, and then E-mail.

Just tried it on you, and yes it happens on mine too. Closes MSN down when trying to send an email.


Same thing happens to me too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem. :stuck_out_tongue: