Why can I not mute catagories?

I wanted to mute raw and random and messenger support so I don’t have to see them but I still see them, is this a discourse issue?

you can

@TReKiE help him since idk how to i remember seeing you talking u can

It looks like it. The mute seems to work the first time you set it, but if you change the setting at all, the mute no longer takes effect.

I’ll be debugging it more properly later on this evening, but I can tell you already that it’s not a database problem, as the setting is saved correctly.

Actually, it does seem to be working correctly. When you mute a category, it mutes all the threads, but only the ones set to Normal notification. When you change the level of the category to Watching or Tracking, it will retain that setting for all the latest posts, which is what threw me off initially.

What happened for you though is that you have Tracked threads because you’ve replied in them, and Watched threads for threads you’ve created. I’ve done my best to reset these threads for you up until the middle of 2019, but if anything older gets bumped and you’ve replied, it will pop up again. If that happens, open the thread and change it to Normal to make it disappear. Hopefully there won’t be too many.

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