Why are u doing this?

People here are lotterally protesting against TReKiE, coz of XPUser

i dont get it why, but i am in TReKiE’s side

I am in trekie’s side.

instant reply lol

hell, i’m confused. WHAT IS GOING ON NOW?


I’m not totally sure myself, and I appreciate the support, but there really are no “sides”. If people are unhappy, they should go to where they are happy. Time is truly the only resource you have. Hate and unhappiness will take your time away, and leave nothing in return.

I try and do the best I can, show as much kindness as I can, but I don’t tolerate bullying, trolling, name-calling, threats, and other similar things of that nature to myself, staff, friends, or users. It’s not something I want to spend the limited time I have on, and I don’t think you should either.