Why are people so rude to the younger users?

I’m a younger user and others are quite mean to the younger users. I don’t get it. What did we younger people ever do to you? Maybe because they’re easy to target? I have no idea.


I guess people feel that since younger users weren’t there during Messenger’s run they have no place here. Also a lot of people, including but not limited to younger users, don’t understand what goes into a project like Escargot and have unrealistic expectations. Hence, all of the people saying they need WLM and that “it can’t be that hard, right?” In reality, when the 2010s came around companies really beefed up their security, so there’s no telling if it would even be possible to replicate what Windows Live Messenger 2009 and 2012 had for authentication. These posts are hard to deal with, and sadly plenty would just go the “get out of here” route.

I understand that a whole lot of work went into it, trust me.

As someone who’s been watching this forum for a while now, I wouldn’t say “young people”, I’d say “incredibly irritating, childish, demanding, argumentative, impolite or outright aggressive, annoying, selfish, and otherwise non-community-spirited people”.

This is not a group comprised exclusively of young users, nor does it necessarily describe all younger users, but regardless it makes the forum incredibly difficult to read.

I should note that I don’t necessarily mean difficult to read in the sense that broken English is difficult to read, but who’s going to want to stay and discuss the intricacies of the MSN protocol or anything of the sort when the rest of the noise is petty feuds, demands, requests for friends, and immature off-topic burbling?

Quite frankly I feel sorry for @TReKiE and @valtron, and had I been the first to raise an MSN server from the ashes, I would’ve been disappointed and regretful of what I might have wrought on this forum by attracting the attention it has gained. Note: By absolutely no means do I blame @valtron, I categorically do not wish this to reflect on his work, nor the Escargot team as a whole, which has been excellent - any displeasure I feel over the type of attention it may have attracted is greatly overshadowed by, and will be outlived by, the importance I feel the Escargot project has for historical preservation.