Who Remembers Tux Droid?

i do personally never saw one before,but i’d like to have one but I CANT FIND ONE /S

what’s tux droid?


tux plushie?

No, a robot.


I wonder if someone can sell one for me

but well…CANT FIND ONE /S

Wikipedia had a good summary on this. But it looks like they have shown up on eBay before. If you are really interested, you could set an eBay watch and it will email you if it ever shows up. I have a few of these watches setup and rare items appear from time to time.

If you’re really interested in this though, there are plenty of great robot kits you can find, or go even farther into the hardware and start playing around with a raspberry pi, or an arduino, or microcontrollers like a NodeMCU/ESP32. There are plenty of articles and videos you can find to show what’s possible.

(I want a robot too.)

i mean,it’s talking about a list (the ebay watch)? but nothing else.

À rpi… I already have one, and the rest of the things, nah

also it’s a bit of a collector soooo…