Who remembers baraem old rebrand?

if you are a veteran and you experienced the old rebrand from 2009 until 2016. you are a LEGAND.
im actually a veteran also since i experienced the old rebrand in 2011 (aka baraems widescreen brodcast), and last seen in 2016 probably. however. experiencing the 2017 or higher rebrand. i hate this new rebrand. EVEN BEIN BOUGHT BARAEM AND AL JAZZERA. RUINING OUR CHILDHOOD. so anyways. if anyone remembers it. you are a legand (as i said before)
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I Remember old TiJi channel, it was good time when it used to stream, SamSam, Danny and Daddy, Super Why and other golden stuff, someone may not know what is this channel, because it’s streaming on CIS (general in Russia, but i’m kazakh), so, here’s the old one and CRAPPY new one, and channel is really boring after that, where’s SamSam, WHERE’S SUPER WHY, WHERE’S DANNY AND DADDY, so i never watch tiji, it’s just TRASH.

UPD:Just found out it’s french channel


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