Who remembers bandoo?

Hello Everyone I just wanted to talk about who remembers Bandoo Toolbar for windows live messenger what it will do was it would of let you use these different winks and emoticons and text that would do different things such as nudges please let me know what you think ?

heres what bandoo website look like https://web.archive.org/web/20100720093658/http://www.bandoo.com/

yeah, i remember it having some, uh rather suggestive winks. (theres a video from around 2010 on youtube of someone using bandoo with wlm 09 on windows xp)

Still having it

:flushed: “Suggestive” Winks?

yeah some can be considered nsfw, like an emoji blowing up another female emoji like a balloon so much that she pops, but before she pops her boobs come out.

i was considering downloading bandoo but now i don’t think i will.

I try installing band doo on windows live and it did not work only if there were patches that can be done to make it work

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yeah it was shown in a youtube video

i’mma see bandoo’s features and overview it.

I try installing bandoo it saidi it’s done and i launch msn and the toolbars are not there ? witch is werid

heres a youtube video from 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kECeow74a8Q

lol for me this crap:/