Who knows Druaga1?

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  • Hey smokers druaga1 here

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today we are going to be installing react os on an sd card

“computer locking up at 4:20”


I saw

I spent more than an hour of my life watching that guy try to run Minecraft on Windows 98. His videos are so long that I can’t be asked to watch them anymore.

honestly, he’s a good youtuber, but he doesn’t like making videos, and honestly it makes me sad to see him force himself to keep on making videos
if you don’t like doing something, stop forcing yourself to do it, real fans will understand, and will accept what you’re going.
that being said good memories and good vibes is spending a summer night eating small microwavable pizzas while binge watching his videos. seriously that is one of my good memories.

“Hey, Smokers… Druaga1 Here”-Druaga1
May he rest in peace trying to install ReactOS Drivers :cry: .
(he’s not dead just making a joke, due to his struggles with that beta Os)