Who is escargot developer?

hello who is escargot developer?i have suggestions for escargot.

anima and epicness

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isnt it trekie ??


trekie has no involvement with escargot. although he was involved with beta testing Windows 98 to Windows 7 and is the co-inventor of a patent about “power aware data storage”.

i’m literally imaginating trekie talking shit about one of the betas.

Hah, I don’t recall being overtly critical of Windows itself, but individual components like IE, (Windows) Messenger, and WMP though, absolutely.

However, such conversations were highly structured and were more of a forum-format with many highly talented and extremely smart people. I learned so much from them. You got to know these people, they got to know you, and actual real changes ended up in the final product.

Unfortunately, these days you’re just shouting into the wind, unless you’re in a large organization with a support contract, or maybe if you do a whole song and dance routine on Twitter, but it’s down to luck if anyone in Redmond will even hear what you’re saying or take you seriously. Never mind the two hours I spent on the phone once to a Microsoft support engineer explaining to them the basics of COM, so they could escalate a serious bug in Windows specific to Surface laptops, and a year later, it still wasn’t fixed.

I admit it’s been slightly better for the latest iteration of Windows Server, although I haven’t seen a lot of progress made with bugs there (yet?).