Who is Balleye?

hi, I’am a Balleye. I’am a Friend with @sagad_ali I’am a 13 years old. but i’m not @sagad_ali. i’m a Real guy. i’m an youtuber and gamer then more. i live in iraq too but i’am NOT @sagad_ali. i’m a good guy. and i use windows live messenger 2009. and my operating system is windows 2007 that @sagad_ali send me. and that’s all now.
-Balleye studios

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What in the world are you talking about
and why is the title a question about who you are


well you see. i’m not a real @sagad_ali i’m a guy at all. and also i’m talking about people in messengergeek. and this is what i talking about

your a alt


lol, k

then explain this
@Balleye you are a big BIG liar

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Exposed the truth about balleye

why he’s liar? i don’t understand
anyway, and Balleye and sagad weird guys (in my opinion)

look at his website
the website is the same name as balleye
@sagad_ali made @Balleye as a alt

but for what?

to hide his identity from us so we wont know he is a beggar

so, k (also, i still don’t know where technology here)

who is technology

topic have technology tag

Here’s a technology:
i dual booted windows 11 and server 2012, shocking

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hi my old friend!

points a gun at sagad ali you think you could go away from us using a fucking alt? you made balleye he is not your friend but HE IS YOUR ALT! shoots sagad ali


What exactly is “Balleye studios” anyway?

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