Who is Balleye?


hi, @TReKiE I Chose “balleye studios” this means. the balleye word is the name of “ball” and “eye” as the words. in 2020. I was wanted to be named. “game box” so I renamed it to “balleye” so the name of "game box is bad word and it is not exactly the name of “game box” and of course. the exactly of named “balleye” its seems better names or bad names of this word. and I renamed “balleye studios” and that’s it.

how gamebox is a bad word?

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the game box seemed to be a bad word it has based on using Wix when I just wanted to get started by using Wix but I deleted and this is no longer using my website while the balleye is based on website.com that I created in 2020. and now i edited in 2021 and my website it seems this website was good.

No no I’m not a weird guy. also @sagad_ali isn’t weird guy anymore.i just need to know what happened to @sagad_ali?

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nfw 1 month ago

what? how?

hmm…good question

yeah I Want To need what in the world happened to @sagad_ali

Excuse me, @sagad_ali doesn’t made me a alt. I Created my account in this page that sajad tells me about it this.

last seen 11 september
“how sad”

what did I Told you? I Don’t have an alt account I Made a new account by myself. @sagad_ali told me this site

Well it’s been bad to join this drama talking about alts but looks like this is going to get locked, adios

Hmm yes, not a alt.

i’m sure

oh 17 hours left

Oh right, we could edit.

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