Who here has riiconnect 24

hi there i am looking for people to add on wii mail so yeah thats it really

i have rc24. but do not spam me

i do but i have vwii so no wii mail

I have it but don´t really use it anymore hahaha

I don’t have riiconect really but i know it a thing to get internet back to the Wii but i’m not risking it also no wii mail.

i cant cuz i dont have an actual wii

oh, woomy.

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i’ve patched my dolphin (that wii emulator) to riiconnect24 and surprisingly it works but the only channels that works is check mii out and news channel i cant forecast channels says its fore000006, nintendo channel thinks its corrupted, i cant find a save file for everybody votes channel and finally wii mail doesnt work

news didnt work with me

that’s bad :\

also i think i have a wii, but i moved in 2018 and i dont know if i still have it i hope i do