Who have WLM 2009 beta

Who have WLM 2009 beta offline installer???

me but i dont have

then why bother replying when you don’t have it?

w h y.

we already have WLM 8. that’s what you (and all of us) wanted, waited and cried for.

you want it? wait for it.

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Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta 2 (download)

Can escargot fix the server to this beta?

hope it does.

you can use the Windows Live Messenger 2009 Theme for Windows Live Messenger 8.5

im trying use the WLM 2009, its downloading

no it cant be revived due to features implementation, permanent groups, data extentions etc etc etc
escargot only supports up to msnp15 (8.5 last version with 15), the beta uses msnp16, and final uses msnp18, it only does not come with msnp17 cause it was never released to public or used

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i alredy knew that, it cant be revived, escargot still needs some time to make those new url´s for WLM

its not all about urls, its the urls with codes, since most information of the wlm 2009’s server is gone, we might take long, LONGGG time to do it.

You can post a tutorial with programs? I need msn plus?

And MSNP16 is posible make it? I can help to us

No its not possible for now

you need Msm Plus