Who has phoenix aim?

I have. follow me if you want, (dylanbev)

I also have.
Name: mina356

But I need more information (name, first name, second name, middle, etc) so that it becomes easy for me to add you. (but in DMs)

…were you trying to dox him

AIM Phoenix doesnt have the “full name search” feature implemented if I recall properly.

ofc not

this is how it currently looks like, i just tried to type in the first and middle and last name and it didn’t work

i added u

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Nice and thanks mate

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how do i download this

iwarg.ddns.net. create an account then download 6.0/5.0 then (if you get 6.0) download phoenix patcher and run it as admin and click patch (AIM Must be closed) then open aim and sign in. (if you install 5.0) open aim after installation and on the sign in screen click setup then connection and change whatever is in the “host” textbox to “iwarg.ddns.net” then try and sign in

me email: caseylaura212@gmail.com
username: mariopartymusic
common interest: games

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