Who actually created "title.wma" is . .

Many people here must know about the famous title.wma, used in Windows XP.

Well, looks like the actual original artist has been hidden for many years. In a moment, many people thought it was Bryan Eno, who created this music. Even almost everyone thinks that title.wma appeared for the first time in Windows XP.

That is not true, it originally appeared during the Internet Explorer Starter Kit tour as well. So this song existed since 1996, before there was a codename designed for Windows XP.

But now, who did actually composed title.wma?

Well, his name was Stan LePard. And I say was, because he died this 2021, sadly.

A picture of Stan LePard

However, during the pandemy ( I think it was during the pandemy ), he made a souncloud account, and uploaded a true high quality version of title.wma , as well as he created a new arrangement in 2020.

I will leave his soundcloud here now. I am Filecoder, and I hope you have a nice day

Stan LePard | Listen to him free in souncloud


Never watched this. I should do it, actually

Well, thanks for letting me know, I too thought it only appears in setup.

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Wow, what a legend. He also did the setup music for the MSN Setup CD:

I’m really sorry to hear of his passing.


Welp, windows xp’s real death. :frowning:

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Now it’s named Welkommen now.

F in the Chat

No problem. We’re here for that, after all :slight_smile:

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Sad . . . I’d love to talk to him at least for once

I know, maybe because he is Norwegian


We will miss you, Stan!

I know, he was such a legend. And by the way, I didn’t know about the existence of the first time user experience, since I never used the first MSN Messenger versions, but I liked that song :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, too. I used to listen to this to concentrate to do work faster

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F Windows 98: Velkommen by Stan LePard | Free Listening on SoundCloud