Which program would you choose to communicate?

  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) 1997
  • Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 2006
  • MSN Messenger (MSN) 1999
  • Messenger Plus! (Addons)
  • Yahoo! Messenger 1998
  • ICQ 1996
  • Skype 2003
  • Butterfly Messenger

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WLM released in 2006. It and MSN are the same thing

Also Messenger Plus! is an addon, not a separate program

Okay, thank you.

you’re welcome



wtf is Butterfly Messenger

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something that trekie made for windows xp when messenger reviver went wlm 2011/2012 only

Not just for XP. It’s main goal was trying to emulate as much of the WLM 2009 interface as possible while using MSNP21-compliant MSNPSharp.

You can find information about this program here