Which browser do you use?

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Browser
  • Pale Moon Browser
  • Mypal Browser
  • Yandex.Browser
  • UC Browser
  • Chromium
  • Avast Secure Browser
  • Comodo Dragon
  • Comodo Ice Dragon
  • Brave Browser
  • Other

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Chromium is virus btw

chromium is not a viruses , chromium is a open-source version of google chrome , please search a little before calling something a virus

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No,and when im searching Chromium google webpages and forums says that its a virus
here is an a example:https://howtoremove.guide/what-is-chromium-browser-virus/

‘’ google chome is only possible thanks to chromium and other open-source projects ‘’



here’s an excerpt from the link you pulled up:

The Chromium browser is actually the “alpha” version of modern Chrome. It was designed to be open source, meaning you can tweak it in all sorts of ways. In your case it was installed on your PC an injected with malicious code. Chromium itself is a completely legitimate program. The one on your PC is not.

and the last line sums stuff up

Chromium itself is a completely legitimate program. The one on your PC is not.

the website for chromium officially by the developers is https://www.chromium.org/
some other sites may serve you malware

Chromium is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), but is the source of Google Chrome :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have never seen a man not from the CIS, which uses this browser. than he hooked you?

LOL, I just use Yandex.Browser on Android :stuck_out_tongue:

try it on pc, he exist on windows, mac os and linux

I know (it is a alternative to browsers in Windows XP)

In PC I prefer Palemoon and Firefox

im a chrome boi

im a internet explorer boi :stuck_out_tongue:

im a firefox boi :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. Mainly because Chrome was worse with eating up RAM.

Also it was prone to crashing too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember when Firefox asked you if you wanted to save your session before closing? Or when it told you when a download finished? I wonder why they removed those features…
Also, I liked more the old design than the new “Flat”, who’s with me?


Use Firefox 52.9.0 ESR to have the Old design.


ME , also the new firefox performance sucks in flash

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