Where is my PUID in MSN Messenger?

Hi, i need insert a wink ‘eat your competition’ but i need my PUID (or IDPU in spanish), you can help me? thanks

appears that program is showing the folder “%AppData%/Microsoft/MSN Messenger”

maybe the folder names are your PUIDs? (also, there is no way of telling which login that PUID represents in the AppData folder, I guess the program your using is smart enough to know what login it is?, also, some of the IDs link to no profile at all.)

For a real MS account: http://blogote.com/ideas/how-to-find-msn-passport-unique-id/1739/

For Escargot: http://psounds.crealya.fr/puid.php

how have you figured it out already?
also, gonna use the plus patch once I download it.

Of course, I help the developers every day so I know how Escargot works :wink:

Thanks :+1:

Does anyone know how to create a wink for WLM 8.5/8.1? I have extracted the swf, png, xml from wink of WLM 2009 and created the cab file with correct content.xml, and then I created the mco file, but when importing it gives failure error. I do not know what else to do

they should of been the same format since msn 7 or something

@tristanleboss the PUID in escargot is just the user id (in SQL Lite database) right? if not how do you get it then?

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

In Escargot, the puid is the uppercase variant of get_cid(email)

Thanks but I am not sure how do you do this in php then? (a bit confused right now probably escargot doesn’t have this: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc298460.aspx)

Unfortunately, there is no complete version of the Live Web Toolkit that has been preserved up to now. I already searched a lot (Wayback Machine, …) for it but failed to find a complete working version.

Why are you using PHP with Escargot? Are you working on a PHP client for Escargot (a bit like the Live Web Toolkit)?

Just for the fun (It’s built with the Live Web Toolkit):


It lacks images and a few crucial JavaScript files unfortunately but it does load. All the actual JS files are hard to read because they have been minimized so recoding the missing files would need a lot of time to understand how this mess works.

Thanks No I am not building any escargot client in php just wanted to know how this: http://psounds.crealya.fr/puid.php gets users PUID because there is no get_cid(email) in php (maybe you could share the source for puid.php)

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards
BTW: not sure why Example: Windows Live connection and Messenger shows me blank page even when I click View source (nothing happens) (maybe because I don’t have WLM 8 installed :slight_smile:

The page should not be blank… there should be a bar at the bottom of the screen with a " Sign in" button on the right.
It’s possible that it doesn’t work for you.

“View source” doesn’ t work for sure. Right click and click the " View source" of your browser.

oh so that’s why View source link is for :slight_smile: (I eather use Firebug or just do CTRL+U to view pages sources (using Firefox 49 because thats the last version I was able to make Firebug work on and I refuse to use Firefox’s Developer Tools because they suck compared to firebug (although I only used FF’s DevTools on version 55 so I am not sure if the latest Firefox’s DevTools are any better)