Where does your username come from?

My username “CloverNoir” really doesn’t have much meaning. I like clovers, they are green and give you luck, and I often dress in black clothes, so CloverNoir. It wasn’t made with that thought process though, I was looking for a cool sounding name, and for a moment I settled for “CloverGarden”, but that name was taken everywhere. After a while, I simply thought of changing Garden for Noir, and thus the name came to be. lol

Mine comes from nothing really, just had a dream where I was playing minecraft with friends as always(I was 10 lol) and sported this nickname, I thought it was cool afterwards and a few days later I changed it everywhere

my brain :stuck_out_tongue:

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it’s from my brain too.

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from my real name, also it’s my real name.

i spelt uhiam wrong.

I thought of my username after discovering the word “Avenacious”, which means of or like oats.
“Neko” means cat in Japanese.

my misspelled irl name andrei and some random thing that came in my head.
for discord oof

My username came from my head.

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favourite band at the time and birthdate

my main name Ștefan and XP from windows xp (isn’t that fucking clear?)

My old name: The Mr. Invincible - I seriously don’t know

it came from your head!:joy:

if anybody else says “my username came from my head” i will snap their fucking neck


my username came from my heart, and my arm, and my computer, and my father’s hand after he watched too much anime.

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i’ll admit that that last one was quite funny

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Actually that part is real, no, i didn’t got my ACTUAL name from my father’s hand, but he reads a lot of manga and watches a lot of anime with English subtitles, and his wallpaper is from Naruto.

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