Where does your username come from?

was just curious to see where everybody’s usernames come from
mine’s from “roll me through the gates of hell” by mischief brew

i don’t remember. i used to be jarhead games but xbox changed it to jarhead gamer38

kos it’s the first 3 letters of the shortened version of my name (kostya)
and furler is the surname of my favorite singer at the time of nickname creation
my full name is kichulkin konstantin dmitrievich lol

it’s just my name. duh…

From my main email address… But later change to what it should today.

So,Regular is for Regular Show (because i was liking this show) and Alessio is my name

Nojus is my real name and 2001 is Windows XP’s launch date so i combined them both since you know i’m really into XP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

from “veselyj (веселый)” and “minecraft”. but i am don’t play minecraft at the last time xd
i made this nickname in 2013 year, it named “Веселый Крафтер (Veselyj kraftjor)”, but i changed my nickname to shortest and write it on latin alphabet

Its my real first name ‘Balázs’ V is monogram of my last name


An airplane from WW2 called Grumman F7F Tigercat

X is just cuz i wanted to :stuck_out_tongue:

not because there’s nine other tigercats? :stuck_out_tongue:

my username comes from another username of mine, parappafan94.

in that case, my names usually come from parappa the rapper.

Edit: My old name, Gamerappa. Comes from trying to hard to be hip and cool by trying to game (until that drama fucked everything up)

john cena theme song

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my username comes from me making a shitty fake name


It goes back to my edgy days when I played ROBLOX revivals (I hate myself) I tried making my username icanttellyoumyusername but it was too long so it I made it icanttellyou

It means “Mute Boy” in portuguese. Also, boy is “menino” and not “mininu”, but I made it like that because it’s funny lmao

The origin of it came from when i created an account for a game on PC (the pc servers are now dead). i then modded it a little xD

what game? club penguin?

Blacklight: Retribution (i spent most of my time playing it on a shitty laptop :P)