Where can i get this Windows Messenger version?

i cant seem to find any Windows Messenger version for this one, i checked some videos and it says its 4.7.3001, i found some files for it but it breaks when i open it, making it unusable.

if you have a installer (.exe file installer) please send it to me.

picture of 4.7.3001 Windows Messenger (not my picture)


(Another Issue, Windows Messenger keeps crashing whenever i talk to my friends.)

if you want to help me get more of the Windows Messenger stuff, message me in Escargot, this is my username: playerblox2007@escargot.chat
(i will be using another Messenger version, Thanks for reading)

the broken one (4.7.3001)

isn’t that built-in version of msn messenger? it doesn’t work out of box sadly

i think it is a built in version, if it is then its fine! i can use other versions aswell if its not possible. Im very fine with it. i can try other 4.7 versions, if you have any that works very well then feel free to send it to me.