When is Escargot going to implement WLM versions?

Hi, I’m new to this “reviving msn” stuff. Actually I just found MSN Reviver 2 just to be immediatly dissapointed that it no longer works… only 12 days ago! haha

So I came here and saw that Escargot doesn’t support the WLM versions, and since I was born in 1999 I’m used to them more than the 7.5. My childhood is on WLM, and I love the idea of using it again. I’m sure my friends would use it if it worked on 8+ versions.
I can imagine a world with it working again. No other chat client has the same depth of features it had, in my opinion.

Loving this project and hoping the best for it. Thank you to the ones that make (and made) them possible.


just have patience my friend

I will :stuck_out_tongue: but I just wanted to know IF there’s an approximate of the time it will take to implement them

No timeline. Right now I can’t even get WLM 8 to log in… I do everything right (as far as I know and is documented), but it stays stuck on “Signing In…” forever. :sob:


I’m also looking forward to the implementation too. :slight_smile: