What ya’ll doin right now?: The sequel

it’s back, what are ya’ll doing. i’m still eating chips and sitting on my pc and fully know what a homestuck is now

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fucking bored to death


Just chilling

listening to some XM files on winamp dude dreamchip megamix 99 slaps

Relearning Python :sweat_smile:

very awesome B)

Downloading Half-Life 2
nice speed


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will download it in 30 minutes, for me 1 MB/s is fast

Currently installing Ubuntu Mate on a random PC.

huh very cool B)

squawk like an inbecible and reading homestuck

nice, i’m excited

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cool B)

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I’m listening to music.

uh. huh

Erm. Testing my Miiverse clone, Hiiverse. On my consoles. Also bumped.

Listening to Plants Vs. Zombies 2 music because it’s fucking badass, none of that youtube music, I’m talkin music ripped straight from the game files, real quality shit.

im doing nothing