What was your first computer?

Mine was a Compaq PC It had windows xp and ran stuff very poorly. :confused:

Compaq Presario
AMD K6-2 533 MHZ
248mb of ram
Windows 98 SE

Very interesting… Do you still have it?

No :stuck_out_tongue:


My frist computer in 2001 or 2002 with windows xp
Athlon xp 1ghz
256mb ram
Geforce 2

That is my First Computer I had in 2009.
It was a Windows 98, I don’t have it anymore tho lol.

i don’t remenber the model of it, but i remenber it being an DELL computer, running windows xp home

HP Pavilion G6, Windows 7 Home Premium. Still Have It And Maintain It Well In 2019. Never Get Any Issues With It Like Modern Computers Today!

Positivo Sim+, a PC from a brazilian company.


My first PC was from unknown brand, but it had Windows XP and few games. I had to give it back months later.

I don’t know any of the specs but it was Windows 2000, I used to run NESticle and play kirby’s adventure on it constantly.

I don’t know, it was running Windows 95, that’s all what I know. I didn’t had that much knowledge in that time.

My first PC was microlab (i’m don’t know it’s model)

And I remember that I’m use Windows Movie Maker on it, screenshot pic on it. (from 2008 until 2012).

Now it’s dead but atleast I fixed the USB door.

Currently I have a second PC and my first laptop.
my second PC also died because it’s getting a very loud fan sound, and the BIOS/UEFI alert 2 beeps that detect an broken fans. Now I have to use my first laptop from now.

this fucking thing


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