What was longhorn?

Well i want you to do a little history based on longhorn if you want you can go to internet.

Longhorn was just the beta codename for Vista. I hear a lot of talk about it nowadays, but idk I don’t really get it, it’s pretty much just a slightly different looking version of Vista

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Well it would be a good option for an OS but it was a beta so no one could test it

except everyone gets to test it because hundreds of builds got leaked by internal testers

Well windows that year should now fired those testers

Longhorn was kind of a separate thing from vista because the whole project got totally reset in late 2004 and started over on a new codebase; and later on got renamed to vista

it’s not really slightly different looking vista, it’s fairly different but the ideas are there


Windows Longhorn was a prototype of Windows Vista, it’s builds were all over the place