What type of things do you remember back in the day?

Just type in anything you remember back in your days! :smiley:

not so crap cartoons

Flip phones

the playstation 2

Windows Vista, one of Microsoft’s most hated releases of Windows

in my childhood there were a lot of things i still remember, like the old websites, meals, buildings in my city, phones, cellular operators etcetera

i live in cis so there will be a lot of local services

agent mail ru was a messenger for the “Мой Мир” social network. i used that exact version as on screenshot, just to send messages to my mom when she was on work on moscow

next is old, non-bloated and commercialized vkontakte design.
why non-bloated? bc there is no heavy js scripts. now the vk is so slow that my 2010’s mac loads up this website for like a minute, unlike other sites or even youtube
why commercialized? alot of ads and music restrictions. before 2016 there was no really limitation for music - no limit for background listening, saving the music on device etc. but from 2017 vk introduces the subscribtion service and now bg listening is limited to 2 hours, later to 1 hour, and after they just disabled it (now everyone listens music on telegram xdddd)

now it’s just a little better than a facebook

the next thing was a “euroset” shops with mobile phones, accessories and sim-cards of several gsm operators. now it’s got absorted by “svyaznoy”

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agent mail ru is still alive

Mini Notebook(Not Netbook) and UMPC

This one gradient. It just was on every single Windows installer back in the day (XP-9x era)

it’s dead for me, it’s just clone of telegram

you are saying facts