What The Hell!


@Raymonf’s custom MSNP client allows renaming of the CVR command thus being able to confuse stats.

i made a thread about this.

It’s just a troll. Ignore it.

Ok Thanks. Just Wondered Why They Keep Changing To Weird Things

I smell CrudVM. :unamused:


You can tell because you can’t send/receive any messages so sent and received are always 0. I don’t know how nobody has noticed this yet.

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Uhhhh. I checked the logs, and found nothing. It was an external source. Unless there is confirmation that it was CVM.

It didn’t have to happen inside of the VMs themselves. Someone from CollabVM could’ve done it on their own computer. Also I have my suspicions that it’s them because I’ve seen occurrences of the community ragging on us.

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i smell bias
also blaming sswag for most of this hes the kind of person to do it

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you could just block any signal from CollabVM’s ips and ban the two emails from CollabVM.

It has to be sswag, and he just copyed my “REEEEEEEE”.