What the actual heck are those spam mails


Before yesterday. It seems that i keep getting nsfw messages on my gmail. You may saw some of them in a picture at that Windows Live Mail thread. however what is causing this. All emails have a unsubcrible button that actually has like 4 nsfw ads. the other pages are fine and i just reinstalled Windows before-last weekend.

All emails have woman in like almost no clothes. There also something saying
which is actually the unsubcrible button.

All of the pictures are NSFW and possibly stolen from nsfw sites.

The titles are all starting with emojis (or those animated ones from gmail) with some weird things like saying that im super delicious (wtf) and she wanna taste me (again, wtf). also some of the nsfw pics sometimes dont fit. like a picture has blond hair but the other has black hair or the skin tone is different. or i could see the same picture in a different email with a different name.

Did anyone here got the same email.

And i cant find any other forums to post this so i had to post here.


None here. :wink:

I personally would block the email addresses to spare myself the porn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I haven’t seen any spam emails like THAT. Closest would be those online dating spam emails (never opened any of those either). :stuck_out_tongue:


all emails are different after all.

So blocking wont work. if you block one porn junk email address it wont work. the other porn junk email address are still spamming and all of those spam emails actually only send once.

heck even one of the mails rips off the twitter email interface.


What a shame. :stuck_out_tongue:


but which website is sending all of those crap. i never visited ph (you know what that means).

i never registered in the ODing sites.

offtopic but also it seems that someone named Hank keeps sending golf-related crap just for a quick buck thinking i would buy that crap for golf.


I don’t think visiting porn sites or registering an account on ODing sites (or at least the not somewhat sketchy ones) would suspect you to those spam emails. It’s more of an advertising scheme to probably either forward you to their porn site or it’s more of an NSFW ad to their ODing site.


that nsfw though
im a hentai-only zone


Dear @Gamerappa,
unfortunately the only solution to escape from these NSFW spam emails is to:

  • Contact Google and tell them what’s happening
    or, if you want no more spam NOW
  • Register a new e-mail

Best regards,


well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯